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5 Ways to Cultivate Health the Nordic Way

The Nordic countries are frequently top of the charts when it comes to health and there are some medical reasons for this, but much of it is about culture.

Velvære or wellbeing is taken very seriously here and it's something that isn't just part of physical health, eating and exercise. The way we view things and our mental health are also crucial and integral to our wellbeing.

I want to share with you a handful of the ways we can cultivate our health the Nordic way:

(and by the way, you don't need to live in the Nordics to do it yourself)

Eat simply and seasonally through the week

It's no secret that the Nordic diet is on the whole a healthy one. And that in part comes from eating what is in season at the time and keeping it fairly simple. It makes life simple and easy to manage when you are probably busy and occupied in the week with work, or school and activities. So keeping it simple for those few days is the way most people like to go.

Limit treats like candies and alcohol for the weekend

This is a tradition throughout most of the Nordic countries. Candy and treats are most definitely enjoyed, but not everyday. It gives us something fun and decadent to look forward to on particular days.

Get outside on a Sunday

Sundays in Norway are "ut på tur" days. A day to get outside with family or friends and make the most of what nature has to offer. Of course we can get outside whenever we want, but here it's always a Sunday and always some special Nordic outdoor activity combined with a snack or meal in the fresh air.

Start the day early

Life in Norway through the weeke generally starts pretty early. It's perfecty normal for people to up and at work by 8am. In the wenter one has to get up and clear snow before you can get outside and if you want to keep your working day it's vital to get going sharpish! My next door neighbour and I are frequently outside at 4.30am clearing our drives of snow in the winter and if you stop for moment and listen so are plenty of others. Starting the day early gives us a headstart on the rest of the world. We are wide awake and ready to take on whatever is thrown at us knowing that we've already had a few hours.

Lose the guilt!

Sweet treats like cakes and candy are supposed to be treats and guilt has no place there! If you are saving your treats for a particular day or only enjoying them at parties or celebrations, you really don't need to feel guilty.

How many of these are you doing already? Maybe there are some you can bring into your own life.

If you know it's time to make things simpler, make life cosier, bring more health and wellbeing into your life, you need to have a look at what we can do together.

Embracing a simple Nordic life has been my quiet mission for years and it's been lifechanging in many respects.

It took a lot of effort to discover what worked and what didn't and that is why I decided to create The Nordic Way so that it doesn't have to be such an effort for you.

The Nordic Way is a membership for people who want to make life simpler, healthier and more intentional, the Nordic way. But the best part is you pick the parts that you want in your life and do it your own way in your time. If you know it's time to make things simpler, make life cosier, bring more health and wellbeing into your life, you need to have a look at what we can do together.

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