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Embrace the beauty and simplicity of a Nordic life by joining the Living a Nordic Life membership

The content you already love from Living a Nordic Life... and more exclusive inspiration!
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For less than the price of a lefse and cup of hot chocolate, you can enjoy all the exclusive content that comes in the Living a Nordic Life membership.

How did it all start

Let me tell you a story that starts in England and carries us across the North Sea to Norway.  In 2016 I moved from England to Norway with my Norwegian partner and our children and discovered a new way of life.  A way of life that brims with intention, cosiness and simplicity. It was the Nordic way of life.


I lived for the corporate life in the events industry travelling across the world, but feeling like I was missing something.  I harboured a deep-seated longing for something simpler, closer to nature and a more carefully thought out way of life.  I had no idea how to get it and little did I know that it would come looking for me.  But in 2016 when Andre and I moved to Norway I was thrown into a culture that quietly and modestly has had an enormous impact on my life.

I fumbled about for a while wanting to embrace Nordic living and not really knowing how or even why.  Until I realised that I needed to become part of it, to embrace it fully and understand every aspect of it to create the simple, cosy and intentional life I was longing for.


I avidly learnt and absorbed everything about Nordic living from the pint of view of someone who was not born into it and gradually let the stresses and pressure of life elsewhere float away as the Nordic way filled my life with substance and intention.

Now my life is full of cosiness, healthy habits, simplicity and mindful intention without compromising on modern life.  And I want to help you make your own life simpler,

As I have discovered all these wonderful new way of life, I have been sharing it on my blog and in my Facebook group and I have been surprised and delighted by the nuber of peope who share my own love of Nordic living and a simpler way of life.

I love creating content that inspires and encourages you.

After a test of a more in depth membership for Living a Nordic Life, I felt that this was a way to make it available to more people at a price that is manageable and attractive.

This gives me a chance to create more content for you and explore more ways to bring simple, cosy and intentional living to you.

For non-members each month you will be able to enjoy two blog posts and the twice monthly podcast, all dedicated to Nordic living.

Each of them is a post shared from my own experiences of living in the Nordics and the habits and traditions I have come to embrace and love.

For VIP members of Living a Nordic Life you will able to enjoy exclusive and inspirational content created to encourage you to embrace a life of Nordic simplicity

This is the regular content that you can expect to find in the Living a Nordic Life VIP membership every month

The first day of the month

A post sharing what to expect in that month in the Nordics.  Here I will be sharing what lies in the month ahead, the content you will be enjoying and the habits and traditions that we embrace in the Nordics in that particular month.




A new post every 1st and 3rd Monday in the month.  The topics are Nordic habits and traditions that we can embrace and welcome into our lives.  As with all the content, we love to follow the seasons, and traditions will be in keeping with what is happening that month in the Nordics.


A new recipe will be shared every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.  At Living a Nordic Life, I love to use traditional recipes (and some that are less well known), so these are the dishes and treats I will continue to share with you.


A new blog post or podcast each Friday.  This is part of the free non-members' content at living a Nordic Life, but as a member you will still be able to access all this valuable content.  The podcast launched in May 2023 and has been incredibly popular and well received.  Topics in both the podcast and blog include traditional Nordic recipes, lifestyle inspiration, Nordic traditions and habits, and much more.


A new blog post each 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.  Topics include life in the Nordics, simple Nordic living, crafts and inspiration to keep you enthusiastic for your Nordic living journey.

  • VIP Membership

    Every month
    Enjoy exclusive content and inspiration from Living a Nordic Life
    • Unlimited reading of the blog
    • Exclusive member-only posts
    • Twice monthly Nordic traditions or habits to embrace
    • Twice monthly Nordic recipes
    • New blog post on the 1st of the month of months tradition
    • Enjoy the non-member blog posts and podcast on Fridays
    • Weekly newsletter with roundup of the weeks posts
    • Member only login
    • Automated payment
    • Cancel at any time
  • Gift Membership

    All the basic tier membership but as a special gift
    Valid for one month
    • Give the gift of a month of LANL membership
    • Unlimited reading of the blog
    • Exclusive member-only posts
    • Twice monthly Nordic habits or traditions to embrace
    • New blog post on the 1st of the month of months traditions
    • Enjoy the non-member blogs and podcast on Fridays
    • Weekly newsletter with roundup of weeks posts
    • Member only login
    • Single payment WITHOUT automated monthly payment
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