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Living a Nordic Life Wherever You Are

Hei, it's lovely to meet you

Hi, my name is Fiona McKinna and I am the Nordic Living Queen,

helping you live a simpler, cosier and more intentional life the Nordic way.

Let me tell you a story that starts in England and carries us across the North Sea to Norway.  I was born and grew up in the gentle green hills of southern England, a thousand miles away from the rugged mountains and striking coastline of  Norway and the Nordic life, but in 2007 I met my Norwegian partner Andre and discovered a different way of life.  A way of life that brims with intention, cosiness and simplicity. It was the Nordic Way of life.

It seemed like I was living the dream life travelling across the world for work and staying in the most beautiful places, but feeling like I was missing something.  I harboured a deep-seated longing for something simpler, closer to nature and a more carefully thought out way of life.  I had no idea how to get it and little did I know that it would come looking for me.  But in 2016 when Andre and I moved to Norway I was thrown into a culture that quietly and modestly has had an enormous impact on my life.

I fumbled about for a while wanting to embrace Nordic living and not really knowing how or even why.  Until I realised that I needed to become part of it, to embrace it fully and understand every aspect of it to create the simple, cosy and intentional life I was longing for.


I avidly learnt and absorbed everything about Nordic living from the point of view of someone who was not born into it and gradually let the stresses and pressure of life elsewhere float away as the Nordic way filled my life with substance and intention.


Now my life is full of cosiness, healthy habits, simplicity and mindful intention without compromising on modern life. 


Since then I have helped thousands of people embrace the beauty of Nordic living and I want to help you make your own life simpler, healthier and cosier the Nordic way, wherever you are in the world

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