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Books and Courses from Living a Nordic Life

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Embracing a simpler, more intentional and more Nordic life does not have to be hard.


From learning to love the outdoors whatever the weather, to welcoming Nordic traditions into your life, I have something to inspire and encourage you on your Nordic living journey.

Hilsen fra Fiona


That closely kept Nordic secret that keeps us grounded and happy.  Learn why and how to embrace it in your own life with some encouragement from me.

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You're dreading winter and wondering how on earth they do it every year in the Nordics!  What are the secrets?  Let me tell you. Learn how to love winter like you're Nordic in 4 easy steps.

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The most beautiful time of year in the Nordics and time of endless celebrations and long days.  Let me show you how you can bring those cosy celebrations into your own life wherever you are.

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17 May is Norway's National Day.  It's a time to celebrate Nordic style.  Learn to bring your own Norwegian style celebration to your life wherever you live with the history, decor, food and BONUS recipe booklet.

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Let's raise your base level of happiness to something you REALLY want.
In this 3 part mini course we look at simple ways to bring happiness and gratitude to your life, secret Nordic habits and simple Nordic rituals to bring happiness to your everyday.

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