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Midsummer in the Nordics

How to Enjoy Midsummer a Little More Nordicly

"Traditions help cement continuity as a society. 

They are celebrations and customs handed down from one generation to the next"

Else Marie Kofod

The Royal Danish Library


Midsummer is the very best time in the Nordic region, in my opinion.  Long days of blue sky and sun, fields of wild flowers, trees in full leaf and long lingering afternoons and evenings with friends and family.

Sounds like a Scandinavian summer dream, doesn't it?

But you don't need to live in the Nordics to have a Nordic style midsummer that lingers on long past the end of June.

  • Do you want to celebrate midsummer but have no idea where to start?

  • Does the sound of a midsummer celebration seem like an exciting and very Nordic thing to do?  You are right, it is!!

  • Maybe you feel drawn to Nordic traditions and Scandinavian heritage

  • Do you want to welcome some of those special Nordic traditions into your life?

There's a mysticism and magic about Midsummer that many of us are drawn to regardless of our background.  The Nordic way of celebrating that precious time of year is something we can all enjoy.

But of course there is!
Our ancestors celebrated Midsummer thousands of years before us.
It's in our blood.

In the Nordic countries they have kept that magic alive at Midsummer.
Everyone takes part and shares that special connection to their past in ways we have begun to lose in other parts of the world.

In my new e-guide, I share with you the myriad ways that beloved midsummer traditions are enjoyed and kept alive in the Nordic countries. 

midsummer flowers 3.jpg

Get your copy NOW for 150nok (approx. $12/£11/€11)


Let me take you on a magical Nordic Midsummer journey....

My practical and pretty e-guide to Midsummer in the Nordics will help you embrace midsummer in a really Nordic way.

We'll take a summer stroll through:

The History of Midsummer from the pagans to the Vikings
When Midsummer is celebrated in the Nordic countries (it's not all the same!)
How Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland celebrate in each of their separate and very unique ways
The important traditions that each of the countries share
How to celebrate like a Swede, Norwegian, Dane, Icelandic or Finn... or maybe all  five!

This is a self study e-book that you do at your own pace and pick up and put down as you wish.

You can download and access the guide from your PC, MAC, phone, tablet and even print it at home if you wish.

Get your copy NOW for 150nok
(approx. $12/£11/€11)

Let me tell you more....

Together we'll take a leisurely stroll through midsummer in the Nordics. 

I will be telling you all about the ways midsummer is enjoyed and embraced in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. 

We will learn about the history and background of midsummer and it's as important now as much as it ever was. 

We'll explore the ways each of the five countries celebrates in it's own unique way and how you can bring those special traditions to your own celebration. 

And I'll show you the important midsummer customs that are familiar in all parts of Scandinavia

And finally I hope to charm you into a love of Nordic midsummers with all the mysticism, magic and romance they possess.  Afterall this is a time when fairies and spirits pass into our world and grant wishes.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:  Is it in English?

A:  Yes it is!  Naturally some of course has Norwegian words, but otherwise it's all in English.

Q:  What device do I need to download the e-guide?

A:  The e-guide is in PDF format and can be downloaded on most PCs, MACS, phones and tablets. 

Q:  Can I save the e-guide to my device?

A:  Yes, you can.

Q:  Will there be a physical book?

A:  Right now my plan is to only have it in electronic format, but I am considering getting it published in the conventional sense.


Q:  Where can I get my copy?

A:  Follow the "Buy now" link above and you will be taken to the payment site.

Q:  Is payment secure?

A:  Yes it is.  Payment is through Paypal, which is very well known and secure method.  I won't have any of your payment details as they are all through Paypal and it's secure payment method.

Q:  How can I pay?

A:  Payment is via Paypal's secure system and you can pay by most cards or through your Paypal account.

Q:  Do I need a Paypal account to buy the e-guide?

A:  No you do not.  You can pay by most well known cards and you do not need to have a Paypal account to buy the e-guide.

Q:  What if I want a refund?

A:  I am not offering refunds, but if you really don't like the e-guide email me and we can discuss it.

Q:  What if I can't download it after paying?

A:  No problem!  Simply send me an email and I will send a copy directly to you (subject to checking payment).

Q:  Can I copy it for my friends?

A:  Please don't!  I'd love you to tell everyone if you like it, but in the same way as a book you would buy from a bookstore it is copywritten and I have spent a lot of time writing and creating.

Q:  Can I print the e-guide?

A:  Yes you can if you wish.  You can print it at home, take it to a printing service, or simply pick the pages you'd like to print such as the worksheets.

Q:  Did you take all the photos and where can I buy them?

A:  Yes, I took most of the photos.  Right now they are not for sale, but they will be coming soon to my website.

Q:  Where can I learn more about Midsummer and Nordic living?

A:  You can join my Facebook group Living a Nordic Life Wherever You Are.  We'd be delighted to meet you there.

Q:  Are you planning more e-guides?

A:  Yes I am.  My next e-guide will be all about Simple Nordic Happiness that makes countries like Norway and Sweden so healthy, balanced and happy.  Don't forget to sign up using the "subscribe" button to be kept up to date.

Get your copy of Midsummer in the Nordics: 
How to Embrace Traditions Old and New
NOW for 150nok

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The e-guide is a practical guide to embracing midsummer in your life and should not be an alternative to advice from a trained medical professional.  Before taking part in an physical activity like dancing or night swims please consult your doctor, especially if you are suffering from a pre-existing condition that might be affected by exertion.  
By taking part in strenuous activity you do so at your own risk.


If you have an questions at all, please feel free to email me at fiona@livinganordiclife.com

I'd be delighted to hear from you

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