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Velkommen to Living a Nordic Life

Living a Nordic Life
Wherever You Are....


From my home in southern Norway I'd love to share my Nordic lifestyle, cooking and surroundings with you, and show you how I have discovered that you don't need to live in Norway to enjoy and embrace a Nordic lifestyle and way of living.

Hei, I'm Fiona, the face behind Living a Nordic Life.  I am English from Dorset on the south coast of England.  I met Andre, my Norwegian partner, in 2007 and after a brief stint in the UK we are now settled in rural southern Norway with our 3 children.  We grow our own food, keep chickens and forage the amazing nature around us and make the most of what this incredible region has to offer.  But what I've discovered is that you don't have to live in Norway to enjoy a Nordic way of living.  It's a mindset and way of embracing life that can be enjoyed wherever you are.

My first love is always food.  I am a fully trained Cordon Bleu chef and although my training is classical French cuisine I live for exploring other cuisines.  I've always loved sharing my recipes, lifestyle and amazing surroundings with family and friends (old and new), but I found I was reaching a wider audience of people with a mutual passion for all things Nordic.  These wonderful people have inspired me to expand and share my love of all things Nordic with the world.

I started the Living a Nordic Life blog on a bit of whim after I suddenly had a moment when I realised I would love to share my Nordic way of life with others who are as fascinated with the idea of it as much as me.

From this website and blog I'll be sharing my Nordic life in words and pictures, Norwegian recipes and traditions, and showing you how you can also live a Nordic life, wherever you are. 


If you want to learn even more I invite you to join Andre and I in the Living a Nordic Life Facebook group.  You can find it by clicking here. 

If you'd like to see more of my life in Norway I share daily on Instagram, here.

I have so much to tell you...are you ready?

Welcome to Living A Nordic Life, showing you how to live a Nordic Life, wherever you are.

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