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5 Reasons to Live in Norway

Norway and Scandinavia in general are high on the list for desirable places to live for many people. The Nordic attitude, stability, safety and good wages are just some of the reasons that these countries attract so many, and the landscape is the icing on the cake!

Lots of people might be drawn to their family heritage and a deep-seated longing to be in their ancestral homeland, and for others it might be that they long for a simpler, more intentional quality of life that is so valued in the Nordic countries.

But what is it like to actually live here in Norway?

Let me tell you my 5 big reasons to live in Norway:

You get all 4 seasons

You can't get away from it we have seasons in Norway! All four season are very obvious and defined. Summers are warm, dry and sunny, and winters are snowy, cold and can be a bit harsh for the new arrival. The overriding factor is that you really FEEL them all. It season has it's own clear start and finish and each has it's own beauty. There is a bit of a joke here though that Norway has 5 seasons - the fifth being the few weeks between winter and spring when we think that spring has arrived and then we are covered in snow. But as much as we complain about it, it's the harsh winters that make us appreciate the other seasons all the more.

Tønsberg, Norwegian hospital
A first visit to a Norwegian hospital can make you feel like you are entering a cross between a hotel and an airport concourse.

Healthcare and social care are great

Most European countries pride themselves on the quality of their healthcare and that it's free at point of care. It's something that is sacred and protected at all costs and forms the foundations of an established and efficient social care system. If you walked into a hospital (or arrived in an ambulance) you would be seen by a healthcare professional with no questions asked, and certainly without asking for your credit card or healthcare insurance! Another fact you might not know is that all European Union residents have a special healthcare card which means we get free medical care in all the other EU countries as well. Fab, or what!

The countryside is beautiful

You know this already! It's spectacular. From wide dark green forests, to sandy coastlines, to breathtaking wild mountains. Norway has it all, and it's all wild, beautiful and individual. With such a big country and such a small population (5.5miliona people) you can be almost always assured of finding a space to yourself. Beaches are often deserted or with very few people on them (a revelation to me coming from the crowded south coast of England) and forest walks are peaceful and uninterrupted.

It's safe

For a long time the Nordic countries and Europe in general have been very safe places to live and safe places to bring up a family. One doesn't feel threatened or unsafe walking out at night or straying into unknown urban areas. Gun crime and knife crime rates are exceptionally low because of the strict gun laws that Scandinavian countries have. Of course, cities always have a element of crime simply because of the number of people living there, but villages and rural areas are incredibly safe. In fact we have been known to (accidentally) leave our car unlocked even leave the keys in the lock on the outside of the house overnight. Communities know one another and that adds to the safety.

Equality is very important

There are very few countries in the world that can boast equality like the Nordic countries. Not only equality for women, but for everyone. There are no jobs confined to just one gender and equal opportunities in all aspects of society and daily life are a normal part of the way things run in Norway.

Would you want to live in Norway? Or maybe you already do and have some opinions of your own. Let me know in the comments.

And finally let me tell you a secret......

We don't need to live in the Nordics to live a Nordic life. Yes, I am serious! You can bring Nordic living into your own life wherever you are.

Would you like to know more?

Join my Facebook group, Living a Nordic Life Wherever You Are, or to embrace your own authentic Nordic life join my membership, The Nordic Way, an authentic Nordic life, your way, and I will show you how you can make your own life more Nordic with some easy to implement actionable steps.

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