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No-Bake Bringebær & Sjokolade Ostekake (No-Bake Raspberry & Chocolate Cheesecake)

Raspberry and chocolate cheesecake recipe
Raspberry and chocolate! What's not to love

Every celebration we have as an extended family we have a huge "kakebord" or dessert buffet. Included on it are always the usual bløtkake and suksessterte, but also everyone will bring their own speciality. Mine is a strawberry tart (or peach tart in the winter) and my mother-in-law's is always a cheesecake. Norwegian cheesecake is not like any other cheesecake I have eaten. It's an uncooked version, but is smooth and deliciously creamy, but not too sweet. As you can imagine, by the end of our celebration there is very little of it left!

Traditional Norwegian cheesecake is often a citrus flavour. That sharp acidic taste is perfect to end a rich meal of cold and cured meats and creamy salads.

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