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Less Vanilla, More Salted Liquorice

As you know if you are a regular reader, I always write from the heart and I am never afraid to share something that might seem a little edgy or unconventional (after all what could be less conventional that packing up and moving 1000 miles to a country on the other side of the continent?!).

I find it slightly amusing that of everything I write, the things that usually cause the most discussion and division are food related and often the food that is most innocuous and least offensive (or you would think!). I seem to be going for 6 month hits at this.

The last controversial post was 6 months ago and was about hot chocolate. Who'd have thought that hot chocolate could cause so much ruction!! You could have started a revolution with that recipe!!! And certainly with the ensuing discussions and accusations. (to read the post click here, and for my follow on post click here)

This time it was food that is eaten in Norway that might be considered a little unusual. Like smoked sheep's heads. I guess my family's food tastes might be more varied than others because it's not something I find particularly odd. In Europe we tend to eat "snout to tail", in other words we try to eat the whole animal and not waste anything. So an age old Nordic tradition of eating sheep's heads doesn't seem so very odd. But to some people it certainly was and caused quite a bit of offence. I never mean that to happen, of course, and I would never want to "trigger" anyone. I was simply sharing some culture differences.

But the whole controversy got me thinking about how we each live our lives. Some of us like to follow fashion and go with the flow, whilst others look for new traditions and buck the trend.

And I thought of you and your Nordic living journey.

Don't follow trends.

Do things your own way and be prepared for some controversy or discussion, just remember to stand for what you believe is right for you (I am right beside you cheering you on!).

As a lady I know and admire often says "Don't be vanilla!"

And by that she means don't be the same as everyone else.

Be different.

Stand out.

And be proud that the path you are forging is not the same as everyone else.

Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life.

Do it your own way, make the journey you want to make and change if you want to (or don't!).

Frequently the simple path is the one that causes the biggest stir and most controversy. Others can't quite figure out how or why we want to take that path and what could possibly be better that filling our lives with busy-ness and "stuff". But they are not you and you know that this is the life you want to take or you probably wouldn't be reading this right now.

So this is a message to you reading this -

Be less vanilla and be more salted liquorice

Because who wants to follow the herd?

I'm looking forward to seeing where your Nordic living path takes you and to celebrating every win you have!

Hilsen fra Fiona

PS If you want to take the road less travelled and learn to love everyday like we do in the Nordics you need my new course, Simple Happiness the Nordic Way. Take a look here.

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