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Learning to Love Winter (or at least not to hate it!)

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Believe it or not winter has been on my mind for most of 2022. Even through the summer I was thinking about winter. And this is because back at the beginning of 2022 there was a long discussion in my Facebook group, Living a Nordic Life about how people in the Nordics cope with such long winters.

We discussed things like mental preparation, the right clothing, and how to enjoy winter without simply staying indoors for months on end. I was surprised by how many people really hate winter and can't wait for it end.

But I shouldn't have been so shocked, because that was me a few years ago.

When I first met Andre I was living in England and he was living in Norway and one of my first visits to Norway saw a HUGE amount of snow. I really can't stress just how much there was. I was excited to see so much snow, until I had to go out in it! It was freezing cold and I was embarrassingly ill prepared. I was wearing trainers (or something similar), jeans and a coat that was really only suitable for spring in south west England. I was rather glad to get back to the warmth of a Dorset spring.

As the years went by and we spent more and more winters in Norway and then eventually moved here I have accepted that if I was not going to spend 6 months of the year inside I would have to learn to love winter.

There is an idea from many people outside Scandinavia that life here in the winter revolves around fluffy socks, hot chocolate and wood fires, all spent indoors. That couldn't be further from the truth. Getting out into the winter sun with fresh cold air on your face does wonders for you and is one of the reasons that people in the Nordics are so happy.

All this has taken time for me to learn and digest and that is why I had winter on my mind for so long. I wanted to create something that taught other people what I had learnt but went deeper than my blog posts. And so I started to put together a course that would teach others what I had learnt and fast track them to a happier and more heart felt winter.

If you are ready to find out more and stop dreading winter, then have a look at my

It's a 4 part course that starts on 7 January and you work at your own pace. There is no pressure, no guilt-trip and no hassling to get out and enjoy it, but simply gentle encouragement from me as I show you the ways in which I have embraced winter and how you can do that too.

I cover the parts of winter that I found made the most difference to me and helped me enjoy the season:

  • Winter preparation including changing your mindset and choosing the right clothes

  • Velvære or Nordic wellbeing and how important that is

  • Finding beauty in the winter. It's more important that you might think!

  • Coping with winter difficulties and some solutions

Each module has a worksheet that you can download and work on if you wish.

It sounds like a lot of work, but I have broken everything down into bitesize chunks so you don't feel overwhelmed and can tackle each part as you want and in your own time. So are you ready start enjoying winter?

Come on, we can do this!

That's less than the price of a week of take-out coffees

If you are not quite ready for that yet, then you might like to read my two top posts for winter to help ease you into the season a little:

Of course, if you have any questions about the course I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at fiona@livinganordiclife.com

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