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Ja vi elsker camping (yes, we love camping)

There's a reality TV show here in Norway called "Ja Vi Elsker Camping" (Yes, we love camping). It follows a group of Norwegians camping in Norway at a commercial campsite (well when I say commercial, the campsites here are usually fairly rural and very, very pretty and surrounded by nature). But the point is it's all rather tongue in cheek and a bit of fun. However, it's grounded in fact - Norwegians love to camp and go away in their caravans and campervans. In fact I don't think I have ever met a nation that loves camping quite as much as the Norwegians and it's all taken very seriously.

We're well on our way to warmer months now and longer days, and with that everyone starts to think either about travelling abroad or spending some time out in the beautiful Norwegian countryside in a tent or caravan.

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