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The Primstav

The primstav is the ancient Nordic rune calendar.  It is a perpetual calendar and takes the form of a stick with the winter months (starting on 14 October) on one side and the summer months (starting on 14 April) on the other.  Each day is marked with a symbol that hold some significance for that day, such as a bear, a broomstick or an axe (amongst others).  Tha calendar is based on the 19 year long Metonic cycle and follows the sun and moon.  The special days on the Norwegian primstav are mostly religious holidays, but many of them you will recognise today.  

Sadly, the primstav started to become less useful with the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in 1700, but they were still well used right into the 1900s. 

This year (2021) I am following the primstav year and sharing posts about some of the special days, the significance they have today and the food traditions associated with them.  I hope you will join me on this exciting journey...

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