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New skills to learn for a creative year

Every year I find new skills and crafts I want to learn. I don't always get around to learning them all and sometimes I dabble and find that it's not for me. I like to be able to expand my repertoire of skills and make things myself without having to rely on what I can find in the sops. Often the skills I want to learn and in order to make the things that I cannot buy in Norway or that are particularly expensive. Take curtain making for example. Its been quite a few years since I taught myself that, but my main reason was that I wanted curtains and window coverings that were unique, unlike anything I could buy in the shops and better quality than I could afford to buy readymade or have made for me. Admittedly there were a few errors to start with, but it's a craft I've thoroughly enjoyed honing and now I make all our curtains and blinds.

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