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Nostalgia, the secret hygge ingredient

Updated: Jun 4

Rustic Norwegian cabin
Is nostalgia one of the keys to happiness Nordic style?

If you read my blog regularly, or if you live a Nordic life you might have gathered by now that a lot of Nordic living is about simplicity and intentionally making the most of the simple things in life.  It’s also about a connection to nature, the environment and the past and our heritage. The connection to the past and to a shared heritage is hugely important to Nordic people.  Traditions that have been passed down through generations are kept alive and family heirlooms are cherished. This is most obvious at the cabin. You might be surprised to learn that nearly 25% of people own a cabin. They are often nothing fancy or elaborate or luxurious, and many do not have electricity or running water or even a flushing toilet. Many cabins ae owned by families and have been passed down through generations.  Or they might be on family land and so that in itself holds a huge amount of significance. 

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