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Furulysalat (Norwegian Winter Salad)

I have no idea how furulysalat got it's unusual name, but as soon as you hear it you want to investigate further. Furulysalat means pine shelter salad. It's a Norwegian classic, but funnily enough not a salad you see that often these days. If we take a walk back in time though, it was very popular and most popular in the winter months. Back at the time when fridges were not commonplace and vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes would only last a few months before they were no longer particularly edible and so people would fall back on root vegetables and apples. All produce that would happily keep for long periods of time. And so furulysalat came to be. It was often referred to as "rå salat", raw salad, because all the ingredients were uncooked and it was something that you frequently saw on school lunch menus.

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