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Liquorice everything

A while ago I posted a photo of liquorice ice-cream in the Living a Nordic Life Facebook group. It was so much fun to see all the comments. There was a definite divide of liquorice lovers and liquorice haters. But the most fun was to see the different flavours people liked to mix with liquorice. It made me think about the number of liquorice products we have in Norway and how much people here love it.

Liquorice is one of those flavours in Scandinavia that you see everywhere and in everything. Sometimes I am astonished that anyone would add liquorice to that particular thing. But they have!

I couldn't resist sharing some of the liquorice foods we have here and some that I have been brave enough to taste. I stress that I am a very adventurous eater (my first favourite food was escargots at the age of 4), but I am not a liquorice fan and I don't think I ever will be!

Liquorice and chocolate

This is probably the most likely place you would find liquorice. It's not too far out and one that could be easily gobbled down , especially if you are a liquorice fan. It used to appear on the shelves at certain times of year in Norway, but now it seems to be a perennial favourite.

Salted liquorice

Salted liquorice is popular over the whole of Scandinavia and can be something of a shock when you are offered a liquorice fish covered in what looks like powdered sugar only to find that it's actually salty!! Salted liquorice comes in both soft chewy candy and hard candy.

Liquorice ice-cream

That's the black ice-cream in the middle. I'm not sure if it's the liquorice flavour or the deep colour that is the most terrifying! Full on liquorice lovers in Norway will not only have liquorice ice-cream but will have it in a liquorice cone with liquorice sprinkles. A liquorice fest no less.

Spicy liquorice

This is probably the food I find the most bewildering! Salted spicy liquorice candy that is definitely an acquired taste. It's a fairly strong liquorice taste with a kick of chilli in there for good measure. Only the bravest should dare to try it.

Liquorice salami

Yep, you read that right. Even my Norwegian partner, Andre, finds this particular liquorice food an acquired taste. Made in Trondheim, this fairly standard salami has the addition of very fine liquorice. In my opinion you can't taste it that much but it certainly smells of liquorice. It's a fun talking point to have on your charcuterie board or with your spekemat.

Are these foods you would eat, or at least try if you visited Scandinavia? Or maybe these are some of your all time favourites. I'd love to hear what your favourite liquorice foods are, so do leave me a comment, or come into my Facebook group, Living a Nordic Life where I am sure the liquorice discussion will be enthusiastic!!

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