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10 Signs You Might Be A Nordophile

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Nordophile: Someone who has a deep love of all things Nordic

If you are reading this you probably already know that you are Nordophile (someone who loves all things Nordic) or suspect you might be, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of the things that I can spot in Nordophiles. I have a bit of experience of it myself, being a self proclaimed Nordophile living in Norway!

The list could have been so much longer but I am sure you can add several (hundred?) more reasons to it. I've also included a few links so you can explore the archives...

Norwegian Royal family in bunad
Gratulerer med dagen! you will be heard saying on 17 May

You Celebrate Syttende Mai

You might have Norwegian heritage or might not, but wherever you are in the world you still celebrate Norwegian National Day on 17 May. And even better if you can be there in person!

Nordic easter eggs
Påskekrim is a mysterious Nordic Easter tradition

Even if you haven't visited the Nordic countries you gravitate towards all things Nordic

You are always planning your dream trip to Scandinavia and while you do you naturally gravitate towards all things Nordic from the food to Nordic Noir novels and Nordic designers and even the less well known "Påskekrim".

Norway camping
Friluftsliv is in your blood

You love friluftsliv

Getting out into the fresh air and to be surrounded by nature is something that has always been so natural to you. Maybe you were Norwegian in a previous life!

You like to give people around you plenty of space

Norwegians are famous for giving each other plenty of space. It might be on the bus or simply walking in the street, but they never crowd each other.

Coffee cups
Coffee and the Nordic countries go hand in hand

You have an innate love of coffee

No-one loves coffee (or drinks more of it) more than the Nordic countries. You drink it black and plenty of it at all times of day. And if you are having a slice of cake, then coffee is a must.

You are learning Norwegian/Swedish/Danish even though it puts your tongue in a twist

Let's face it, they are not the easiest languages to learn, but what an achievement to be able to say a sentence in Danish. And you already know that if you learn one Nordic language you will understand the other two.

Nordisk film
Nordic films are always top of your list

You watch films in one of the Nordic languages even though you don't understand all of it.

It's all about the ambience right? And it helps with your language lessons. Plus you can daydream about strolling the streets of Oslo, or taking your little boat from one Stockholm island to another.

Norway ski team
Heia Norge!!

You watch the skiing every winter and always cheer the Norwegian team

Like a true Nordophile you can't resist watching skiing every weekend. The Norwegian skiers are always streets ahead of the rest and you cheer for them like they are skiing for your country.

It's not a celebration in your home without plenty of cakes

No Norwegian party is complete without a table groaning under the weight of cakes and desserts and it's customary to have a little piece of plenty of them. Of course, the famous bløtkake is always a welcome guest on your kakebord.

Norwegian brown cheese
Brunost is a favourite on your plate

You know what brunost is (and you like it)

Do I need to say more! The rest of the world is aghast at this strange food but you are a connoisseur and know exactly how to get hold of it wherever you are living. And for the truly hardcore Nordophile you even cook with your brunost and add it to savoury dishes.

So how many can you tick off?

Why not head over to the Living a Nordic Life Facebook group and join in the fun discussion about it.

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