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Velkommen to
Living a Nordic Life

What is Nordic living, anyway?

Have you heard of hygge? 


I am sure you have.  If you haven't, it's the Nordic ideal of creating a cosy life. 


I'm not talking about fluffy, socks, fires and hot cocoa (although that does come into it).  I'm talking about something deeper.  I'm talking about creating a life that is full of the things that give you that warm cosy feeling inside.


Nordic living takes us a step deeper.  It's about living a life of intention, appreciating the things we have around us and choosing healthy habits and customs.  Habits like not worrying about the weather, respecting one another regardless of status, making healthy food choices (but not sending ourselves on a guilt trip when we have a treat), and knowing the benefits of getting outside into nature as often as possible.


Here in Norway we call most of this "velvære" or wellbeing and it's all about taking care of ourselves which can then help us to take care of others and the world around us.



I invite you to join me on a journey to live life more Nordicly, a chance to embrace a Nordic life wherever you are in the world.

Let's get started; I've got so much to tell you.....

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