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Living a Nordic Life

What is Nordic living, anyway?

Have you heard of hygge? 


I am sure you have.  If you haven't, it's the Nordic ideal of creating a cosy life. 


I'm not talking about fluffy, socks, fires and hot cocoa (although that does come into it).  I'm talking about something deeper.  I'm talking about creating a life that is full of the things that give you that warm cosy feeling inside.


Nordic living takes us a step deeper.  It's about living a life of intention, appreciating the things we have around us and choosing healthy habits and customs.  Habits like not worrying about the weather, respecting one another regardless of status, making healthy food choices (but not sending ourselves on a guilt trip when we have a treat), and knowing the benefits of getting outside into nature as often as possible.


Here in Norway we call most of this "velvære" or wellbeing and it's all about taking care of ourselves which can then help us to take care of others and the world around us.

How it all began

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Let me tell you a story that starts in England and carries us across the North Sea to Norway.  I was born and grew up in the gentle green hills of southern England, a thousand miles away from the rugged mountains and striking coastline of  Norway and the Nordic life.

In 2007 I met my Norwegian partner Andre and discovered a different way of life.  A way of life that brims with intention, cosiness and simplicity. It was the Nordic Way of life.  It seemed like I was living the dream life travelling across the world for work and staying in the most beautiful places, but feeling like I was missing something.  I harboured a deep-seated longing for something simpler, closer to nature and a more carefully thought-out way of life.  I had no idea how to get it and little did I know that it would come looking for me. 

But in 2016 when Andre and I moved to Norway I was thrown into a culture that quietly and modestly has had an enormous impact on my life.

I fumbled about for a while wanting to embrace Nordic living and not really knowing how or even why.  Until I realised that I needed to become part of it, to embrace it fully and understand every aspect of it to create the simple, cosy and intentional life I was longing for.



I avidly learnt and absorbed everything about Nordic living from the point of view of someone who was not born into it and gradually let the stresses and pressure of life elsewhere float away as the Nordic way filled my life with substance and intention.


Now my life is full of cosiness, healthy habits, simplicity, and mindful intention without compromising on modern life.  Since then I have helped thousands of people embrace the beauty of Nordic living and I want to help you make your own life simpler, healthier and cosier the Nordic way, wherever you are in the world

4  Steps to Start Living a Nordic Life

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Tune into the Living a Nordic Life podcast and listen to the first episode What is Nordic Living.  I share what living a Nordic life is all about and how we can all embrace in our lives wherever we are in the world.
Then head to the blog and browse through the articles to learn more.  Some posts that readers have found especially useful are 5 Simple Ways to Add Some Nordic Routine, Is Nordic Living Right for Me and What Does a Nordic Life Feel Like

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Subscribe to the weekly newsletters from Living a Nordic Life for regular inspiration, shared posts and  Nordic living straight to your inbox. Each week I share a little of my Nordic life and the week's blog post or podcast.  Topics include Nordic living, traditions, recipes and inspiration. If at any point you decide to cancel, it's easy to unsubscribe (with no questions asked) and we will still be friends.

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Read the Living a Nordic Life books and courses. 

A great place to start is "Simple Happiness the Nordic Way", a gentle and encouraging mini-masterclass to start your Nordic living journey and bring simple Nordic happiness into your life in easy, achievable ways. 

As you explore the art of living more Nordicly, you will love "Friluftsliv: The Nordic Art of Loving the Outdoors", an inspirational guide on how to embrace the authentic Nordic habit of getting outside.

"Loving Winter Like You're Nordic" e-course will show you that winter is not the dismal, depressing season that many think it is.  There is beauty and joy to be found everywhere and once you know where to look and how to bring it into your life, you will never see winter the same way again.

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Once you have explored the blog and podcast, learn about how to become a Living a Nordic Life VIP and enjoy all the exclusive posts that come with the membership.  Each week I share special posts about Nordic living, traditions, recipes and more that are only available to Living a Nordic Life VIPs.  In addition, you get weekly emails with a roundup of the weeks posts and more Nordic living inspiration to encourage on your journey towards a simpler, more intentional and more Nordic way of life.

Learn more about the becoming a VIP here.

I invite you into my life for a peek at how I live Nordicly

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Would you like to ask me a question?

Send me an email at - Fiona@livinganordiclife.com

Hilsen fra Fiona

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