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Your journey to a simpler, cosier and more intentional life starts here.  But in YOUR WAY.  I know it's not always easy to know where to start so I've created these special things for you - from freebies, to courses to my signature membership

Need a quick win?

Freebies to help you start to live a calmer, cosier and more intentional life, the Nordic way

Image 5 simple Nordic ways for blog.png

A cheatsheet of the 5 best ways to bring some happy, Nordic simplicity into your life.

IMage nordic living guides on th blog.png

My most popular Nordic living guides on the blog that you can start to use in your life today.

Looking for something more?

Books and courses to help you learn to love life the Nordic way


That closely kept Nordic secret that keeps us grounded and happy.  Learn why and how to embrace it in your own life with some encouragement from me.

loving winter.jpg

You're dreading winter and wondering how on earth they do it every year in the Nordics!  What are the secrets?  Let me tell you. Learn how to love winter like you're Nordi c in 4 easy steps.

Midsummer cover.jpg

The most beautiful time of year in the Nordics and time of endless celebrations and long days.  Let me show you how you can bring those cosy celebrations into your own life wherever you are.

17 May title page.jpg

17 May is Norway's National Day.  It's a time to celebrate Nordic style.  Learn to bring your own Norwegian style celebration to your life wherever you live with the history, decor, food and BONUS recipe booklet.

About Fiona

Hi, I'm Fiona McKinna and I am the Nordic Living Queen, helping you live a simpler, cosier and more intentional life the Nordic way.

Since moving to Norway years ago I have avidly learnt, absorbed and put into practice the Nordic habits and lifestyle I now share with you.  I have helped thousands of women like you learn to embrace the parts of Nordic living that really speak to them and start to live a simpler, cosier and more intentional life the Nordic way.

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