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The Nordic Art of Loving the Outdoors

There couldn't be a more Nordic habit than friluftsliv - the outdoor life.  

It's something all Scandinavians grow up with and they are taught from an early age the benefits of getting out into nature for physical and mental health

Getting outside in all weathers can seem a bit daunting and not exactly fun, but I am here to show you how.

With my secret tips, years of learning and my unique "foreign" perspective, I'm going to offer you some gentle encouragement to enjoy friluftsliv like you're Nordic, and in all seasons.

Midsummer cover.jpg

Midsummer in the Nordics:

How to Embrace Traditions Old & New

Do you want to celebrate midsummer like we do in the Nordics, but you don't know where to start? 


Midsummer in the Nordics is pure magic.  Endlessly long summer days, age old traditions, family, friends and a celebration of something that has held true for generations.

Some of the traditions and customs around the midsummer festival can seem strange to say the least.

Let me take you on a midsummer journey through the traditions of all the Nordic countries and share how you can embrace those traditions and customs too, wherever you are in the world

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