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Blog Award Nomination!

When I started this blog last October, my idea was to share a few recipes with people who might have a passing interest. I had no idea that there would be the level of interest there has been and that so many wonderful people would start making the recipes I had put together and share their results with me. It was instantly inspiring and it fired me up with an enthusiasm to make the blog more of a community and share aspects of my life in Norway and how anyone could have a some Nordic living in their own lives.

As you probably know, I am something of an introvert and posting online is so much easier than standing in front of several hundred people and saying the same thing. It's given me a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and to learn so much about other people's take on Nordic living.

So it's down to all of you who I should thank for the chance for my blog to be nominated in the Infinity Blog Awards as Best Newcomer of the Year 2021!!! It's a long way out of my comfort zone, but nevertheless I am really excited to be taking part. The judging is in several parts, but the first part is public votes and I would be overjoyed if you are able to take a few seconds and vote for Living a Nordic Life (or you can just continue to enjoy the posts).

You can vote here

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