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Authentic Nordic living, your way

I love our Living a Nordic Life online community on Facebook.

If you are member you'll know that it's a place of calm, friendship, support and full of people who share a love of Nordic living. In fact everything that you would find in a Nordic community.

It's also a place of diverse knowledge. Some people have a great deal of knowledge of Nordic living and know exactly what they need to make their journey more authentic. And others have only just stepped onto the path and are still finding their feet and looking for guidance. And of course there is everything in between.

I started the Facebook group with a strong urge to share my knowledge, to show people how Nordic living can be embraced and welcomed into anyone's life, wherever they are in the world. We don't need to live in a Nordic country to enjoy an authentic Nordic life. But with such a big Facebook community (6500 members at February 2023) I can't give everyone the time I would love to be able to. And I get so many diverse questions about Nordic living that I often struggle to answer them all in the personal way I want to.

So I have come up with a plan that I think you are going to love!

On 7 March I launch The Nordic Way: an authentic Nordic life, your way. The Nordic Way is an exclusive and special membership for anyone who wants to learn more about Nordic living and implement it in their own unique way. I will be far more available and accessible to all my lovely members in this brand new and heartfelt membership.

The Living a Nordic Life Facebook group will carry on as normal, but if you want to dig a bit deeper into Nordic living in a more personal and authentic way then The Nordic Way is your place.

Each month will see a brand new topic or theme aimed at helping you implement Nordic living into your own life in the ways in which feel most authentic to you. You can grab it will both hands and jump in with both feet, or gently test the water and see what works in your own life. There will be no pressure, just gentle guidance and my wealth of knowledge and experience.

Members will have full access to:

  • Their own dedicated members area where all the classes, topics, videos and discussions are stored

  • All the previous months' topics

  • Topics in the membership library such as a guide to Nordic living

  • A dedicated and exclusive Facebook group that is ONLY for members of The Nordic Way. It will be a beautiful home online where we can discuss whichever aspect of Nordic living you choose, explore the month's theme in more detail and share our own journey towards living an authentic Nordic life.

  • Monthly live fika time with me. This is where we will grab a favourite drink, indulgent treat and get together online to chat about Nordic living and especially the month's topic and theme.

  • Freedom to leave whenever you want with no hard feelings.

Founder members will have a special price of 150nok (approx $18/€18/£17) per month locked in for them for as long as they are in the membership.

The price will go up to 250nok per month from 30 April for anyone who joins after that.

Who's is this new membership for?

The Nordic Way is perfect for you if:

  • You want to make your life more beautiful and simple

  • You know that less is often more

  • You want to learn the secrets of Nordic habits that make people in the Nordic countries so happy

  • You want to learn a different way of life that has depth and meaning

  • You want to make easy-to-implement changes in that have meaning to your life and not to be dictated to by trends and fashion.

Doors open on 7 March and I hope you will join me for this journey of exploration and discovery.

Thank you for being with me on this journey, for keeping me motivated and providing such a lot of inspiration for me to take the first steps towards a new path to helping more and more people.

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